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Issue and Hearing Fees

Employment Tribunal Issue and Hearing Fees

Employment Tribunal Issue and Hearing Fees

The fees for Employment Tribunal Claims from the 29th July 2013 have now been announced.

A “Level 1 Fee” applies to simpler claims, such as Unlawful deduction of wages / Statutory redundancy pay / Pay in lieu of notice / Refusal to allow time off.

A “Level 2 Fee” applies to more complex claims, such as Discrimination / Unfair dismissal / Whistleblowing / Equal pay.

The fee levels are:

Fee Type Level 1 Level 2
Issue Fee £160 £250
Hearing Fee  £230 £950


  • Claimants lodging both level 1 and level 2 claims will be charged one fee at level 2. Fees for multiple claims are reduced e.g. where there are 2-10 claimants, the fee is only twice the single fee, and for over 200 claimants, the fee is only 6 times the single fee. (See Multiple Applicants for details).
  • Ministry of Justice guidance states that time limits will not be extended to provide time for claimants to fund tribunal fees.
  • Only claims lodged from the 29th July 2013 onwards will attract Fees - any claims lodged before then, are exempt.
  • Claimants who cannot afford the Fees will be able to apply for a waiver. This will be means tested on savings, and a public consultation on this closed on 16 May 2013. The maximum permitted savings may be as low as £3,000 which would severely limit those eligible for a waiver.
  • In the Employment Appeal Tribunal the Fees are £400 to lodge an appeal and £1,200 for a Hearing - these will apply to appeals made from the 29thJuly 2013 onwards.


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