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Employment Tribunal ATE FAQ

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to the purchase and administration of After The Event Insurance.

Of course, if there's anything we haven't covered here, you can always email us with a question using the contact form on this website.


Q. What is After the Event Insurance (ATE)?
A. ATE Insurance covers the client’s exposure to legal costs in the event that their case is unsuccessful. Our FeeSafe After the Event Insurance policy will refund the Claimant their expenses if they lose their employment claim. This will include the issue fee, hearing fee, experts’ fees and witness expenses. It will also cover any respondent’s costs awarded against the claimant and, for an additional premium, counsel’s fees can be included
Q. Why do I need a FeeSafe policy when in the past this has not been necessary?
A. All Employment claims must be heard in the Employment Tribunal. Up until now this has not required fees to be paid however from July 29th 2013, a two stage court fee will be introduced - £250 when Tribunal proceedings are issued and an additional £950 for a trial. This means claimants may lose £1200 in expenses if they lost their claim. This needs to be covered by insurance.
Q. How much does ATE Insurance for Tribunal Claims cost?
A. As with any insurance, the insured must pay a premium. FeeSafe offers a variety of ATE premiums which are linked to the extent of cover required and the type of dispute involved. All FeeSafe premiums are highly competitive. Ask us for a brochure and we can provide more details.
Q. How do I obtain funding for the Hearing Fee?
A. Subject to conditions, we are able to provide funding for the Tribunal Hearing fee of up to £950. In order to obtain this funding, you must join our panel and be insuring your claims with our FeeSafe policy.
Q. What types of Employment Claims are suitable for ATE Insurance?
A. ATE insurance is available for all Employment cases. We also have policies for personal injury claims and financial mis-selling cases.
Q. What is Box Legal’s presence in the After the Event Insurance marketplace?
A. Box Legal deals with approximately 10% of all personal injury After the Event Insurance policies in the UK and has over 250 solicitor firms on its panel. We are one of the biggest providers of After the Event Insurance in the country.
Q. At what point should someone pursuing an Employment claim consider ATE insurance?
A. FeeSafe ATE insurance is available at any time after a dispute has arisen but the earlier a case is insured, the more expenses the policy will be able to cover. This is because expenses or disbursements incurred before the policy is taken out would not be covered by the ATE insurance.
Q. When is the premium payable?
A. FeeSafe ATE premiums are deferred and are contingent upon success. This means that the policyholder only pays the premium at the end of the case and only if the case is successful. There is no premium to pay if the case is ultimately unsuccessful. The ATE Premium is funded by the insured until the end of the case. There is no additional charge for this service.
Q. Is there any assessment fee or joining fee for using Box Legal to administer the ATE Insurance policy?
A. No, Box Legal Limited acts as the Solicitors agent in administering the ATE policies with the insurance underwriter. The assessment by the underwriter is completely free and we do not charge any fee for joining the scheme.

Solicitors wishing to use FeeSafe ATE insurance would need to join the Box Legal panel; and whilst there is no joining fee, there is a requirement that panel firms issue a minimum of 5 ATE policies a month.

Acting as the Solicitors agent, we are able to advise you in regards to the correct choice of policy and the level of cover required for particular types of dispute.
Q. How frequent are the reporting requirements?
A. One advantage of the FeeSafe ATE Insurance scheme is that the underwriters consider that solicitors acting on an employment claim are best placed to run the case and make decisions. They have the advantage of their own expertise, and the relevant facts available to them. FeeSafe operates a delegated authority scheme, with minimal reporting requirements. The only 2 reporting requirements are as follows:

1. To inform Leeward when the ET1 Claim has been issued.
2. To advise when the claim has been concluded.
Q. Do you provide legal support and if so, how much does it cost?
A. Yes we provide full legal support from our team of in-house solicitors, all of whom have worked in private practice. There is no charge for this service.
Q. How long does an application for ATE Insurance take?
A. With Box Legal, not long but other After the Event Insurers often have long application forms. We believe in keeping it simple. All applications are on-line and involve completing just a handful of basic details. If you are a reasonable typist, it will take less than a minute to apply for each Tribunal claim policy.
Q. Is there a charge for applying for ATE Insurance Cover?
A. No - we do not charge for you to apply for cover. Some other ATE Insurers do charge.
Q. Where can I find details about the new Tribunal issue and hearing fees?
A. Details of the fees were revealed in the draft order issued by the Government which can be found by clicking on this link: Draft Employment Tribunal and Tribunal Fee Order 2013


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