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Case Management System

Employment Tribunal Case Management System

We can integrate your systems with ours if you use Proclaim to run your Employment Tribunal Claims

We use and recommend Proclaim, the leading Case Management System (CMS) created by Eclipse Legal Systems Ltd. If your firm also uses Proclaim for dealing with Employment work, we are able to assist you to remove all routine administration with our After the Event Insurance scheme. We can create links to your standard letters which allow the system to automatically send FeeSafe policy requests to us. In addition, we can set up a screen on your system which deals with ATE Insurance and allows your fee earners to cancel policies and seek loan draw downs etc. It will even be able to produce policy payment letters automatically.

Free Proclaim Case Management System Integration

Daniel Morris will carry out the work on your system. He has several years experience in writing case management systems. He spent 4 years writing a system for KSB Law solicitors and more recently has worked with Eclipse to redesign their off-the-shelf Personal Injury Proclaim product. He has integrated systems for over 50 firms of solicitors using the Box Legal ATE Insurance Scheme.

Key Features

We are able to set up your system as follows:

  1. We will add a specific 'ATE Insurance' screen to your Proclaim system
  2. All new received cases can be automatically insured (or we can add a button to do this if you prefer)
  3. Once a request is made, the insurer will automatically appear on the specially set-up 'ATE Insurance Screen' as will the price of the premium. The premium will be added to your disbursement screen.
  4. Fee earners can use the ATE Insurance Screen to cancel policies where the client fails to cooperate or other permitted reasons. Cancellation is by a simple button and drop down menu
  5. If a policy is cancelled, the system automatically removes the premium from the disbursements screen and places a note in the History confirming the policy has been cancelled
  6. Automatic notification when hearing fees are required
  7. Automatic 'case successful' notification
  8. Standard letters added to send premium payment

Are you interested in us setting up a link to Proclaim for you for your Tribunal Claims?

Proclaim is a powerful piece of software which can remove the administrative burden of Tribunal Claims. Developed fully, it can streamline your processes and make your business more profitable. Our After The Event Insurance requires minimal administration but now, with the help of Proclaim, you can virtually eliminate all routine administration and human error.

If you are already a Proclaim user, or you are looking to purchase a Case Management System, simply telephone Daniel Morris on 0844 766 9997 above or email daniel@boxlegal.co.uk and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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