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Flight delay compensation

If you have flown in the past six years and your flight was either delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to claim flight delay compensation of up to €600 under EU law.

To qualify…

  • You must have been travelling on an EU based airline that either takes off or lands within the EU


  • You must have been traveling with a non-EU based airline that began its journey within the EU
  • Your arrival at your final destination must be more than 3 hours after the scheduled time and
  • The reason for the delay must be for reasons other than ‘extraordinary circumstances’, which are defined by EU law EU261 as…

“Those circumstances deemed to be outside the airline’s control and which, even if the airline had taken reasonable measures, would have delayed the flight. They include extreme weather such as snow, acts of nature such as the volcanic ash cloud in 2010 and strikes.”

Box Legal has developed this product with FairPlane UK Limited, who will help you obtain the flight delay compensation you are owed, quickly and easily. Although it is technically possible to make a to claim yourself, it is well known that airlines make a habit of ignoring individuals who don’t have the legal clout to enforce their claims

Why not let the experts look after your case and take advantage of their skill and expertise. You can start your claim by simply going to www.fairplane.co.uk and providing your flight details.

To ensure you are covered against any potential legal costs, Box Legal will insure your case with an After the Event Insurance Policy. This is just one of the things that differentiates FairPlane from other companies operating in this sector.

The policy costs only £26.50, and is only payable of you make a successful claim,

You can rest assured that you will never have to pay a penny to make your claim, but can look forward to receiving hundreds back.


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