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Employment Tribunal History

Box Legal's ATE Insurance business dates back to 2001 and the partnership of Kingsford Stacey Blackwell, the well known Lincoln's Inn law firm (later KSB Law - now DAC Beachcroft LLP). You may recognise the firm's name from its agency department. 

In 1999 two of its partners, Daniel Morris and Simon Pinner had set up the specialist Personal Injury Department for Kingsford Stacey Blackwell, described by The Times newspaper as “The Law Office of the Future”. Using the latest technology and new client care concepts, the department grew from 3 to 85 staff within 24 months.

During 2001, Simon and Daniel turned their eyes to the After The Event Insurance market and analysed the problems besetting the market from the solicitor’s viewpoint. They found the market to be bogged down by administration and rules imposed by ATE Insurance companies attempting to look over the shoulder of those best placed to assess risk – the solicitors themselves.

In conjunction with the KSB Law partnership, Daniel and Simon developed a product which an ATE insurer would support and which would allow KSB Law to insure its cases without the need for long application forms, file reporting or audits.

In 2003, Daniel and Simon saw an opportunity to offer ATE Insurance products to other solicitor firms and purchased Box Legal from KSB Law, and by so doing, opened up its After The Event Insurance scheme to other solicitor practices.

Major Expansion

Early in 2004, HSBC Bank gave its support to a major expansion of the scheme which enabled Box Legal to offer its insurance broking services to all Personal Injury firms in the UK. Box Legal undertook a marketing drive and was a taken by surprise at the response from solicitor practices. It was clear that there was a significant demand for straightforward After The Event Insurance.

Insurance for Employment Tribunal Claims

In 2012, with Employment Tribunal fees being proposed for the first time, Box Legal decided to begin to develop "FeeSafe" - an ATE product for Employment Tribunal claims. Several solicitors were consulted including some former members of what had been KSB Law, in order to ensure that firms were offered an ATE product which fulfilled their needs. It was also decided that funding would play a key role in the overall package, and significant finance was secured to ensure that clients with good Employment Tribunal claims would be able to proceed with their claims.

The rest as they say, is history.

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