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After the event insurance - from the blog

We produce a blog in order to provide news, advice, guidance and comment on all issues concerning Employment Tribunal Claims and After the Event Insurance.

Below you will see the most recent posts from our bloggers. To read the full content of all post and to contribute to the debate, take a look at the blog here - www.tribunalfees.co.uk/blog


Merry Christmas

It is the festive season so time to beware that potential minefield, the office party. ACAS report that 30% of UK employees admit to flirting with work colleagues at the office do, while one in five expect they will do…


The Paper Trail

There have been a number of stories in the media of late, in which the conduct of employees on various social media accounts have caused repercussions for them, and sometimes even led to dismissal. The case of The British Waterways…


What price justice?

On reviewing our ATE product for Employment cases and the loans we offer to pay the tribunal hearing fee, I came across a couple of press releases leading up to the introduction of the Employment Tribunal Fees. The releases play…


Could ATE be the Answer for Employment Lawyers Continuing Hardships?

When in March of this year the Ministry of Justice published the quarterly statistics on the volume of Employment Tribunal cases received between October to December 2013 it showed a drop of 79% of claims issued in the Tribunal, compared…


Good News on Funding Tribunal Fees

With all of the difficulties claimant employment lawyers have faced over the past year it might come as a surprise, but there could be some good news on the horizon. How to fund tribunal fees has been the big question…


Latest Tribunal Figures

In March 2014, the Ministry of Justice published the latest figures from the Employment Tribunal.  The figures make shocking reading.  Applications to the Tribunal were down 79% from October to December 2013, when compared with the figures from the same…


“It’s good to talk”

Which is probably why April of this year will see the introduction of compulsory “Early Conciliation” for those intending to make an Employment Tribunal claim. Presumably, after having introduced punitive Employment Tribunal fees, the government felt that claimants should have…


Nasty Surprise

Costs awards in the Employment Tribunal are similar to lightening – rare, but nasty when it hits and you never see it coming. Last year costs awards were in keeping with the pattern in previous years – awarded in only…


Employment Fireworks

At this time of year there are fireworks everywhere, especially in the High Court, as the union’s wrath against the government has been ignited. Unison, the trade union has been in the High Court this week seeking Judicial Review of…


The Ministry of Justice and Unison are Keeping Busy

One cannot help noticing that the Ministry of Justice is keeping busy organising (amongst other things) the introduction of the new personal injury protocol for workplace and public liability claims, which must now be channeled through what was previously the…



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